Saturday, January 21, 2006

Shameless bragging about my daughter.

For those that asked: Girl Terror is 3 years old. She will be 4 the end of June. She is a very, very interesting child to live with! Like her father, she has a one track, obsessive mind. When she (or he) gets an interest in something, she pursues it to death. This started before she was two. She was learning her letters, and suddenly, everywhere we went, we had to talk about the letters we saw. "Look! It's an R!!!! Look! An A!!! I start with A!" I saw cheerleading in her future.
It was dinosaurs for awhile. She could name and identify 8 or 9 types. More than me, at any rate. Then, the conversations about dinos changed to geography. She loves maps, and will study them intently. She can find Brazil, Madagascar (where Zaboomafoo lives!), Canada, US, Mexico, China, South Korea, Bolivia, and a number of other countries. She likes to point out where in Canada we live, where Grandma Beth lives, where Nanny lives, etc. Lately, maps have given way to volcanoes. The only library books she is interested in have volcanoes. We talk about them endlessly. Volcanoes and lava. She wants to go on a trip to see one someday, when she's big enough to drive the car. I'm not sure, but I think the new interest began last night, when she was looking through the encyclopedia of World History with her Daddy. Now she wants to talk about mythological animals.
I went to church school. Now, that had benefits. I can answer any and all religion based questions. However, my knowledge of mythological animals is based on Walt Disney. We're in for some interesting times, I think!


debby said...

My son was an alphabet whore for a bit too.. show her New Jersey where her Aunt Debby lives!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Age 4? She is not ready for satyrs.

Northern_Girl said...

Or Medusa...:)

You daughter is at a great age...enjoy it!

Prego said...

There's a children's book i bought my son with cool pictures of Greek monsters. When I get home from work, I'll look up the title. I think you'd both enjoy it.