Monday, March 20, 2006

Boys. I don't understand them.

I know boys are wired differently than girls. If I didn't realize it before, once I had Boy Terror he made it very clear. But for some reason, I didn't think the male obsession with sticking things into holes would manifest itself quite so early.
Boy Terror just crawled out to the living room, pretending to be a puppy. He had taken two Potato Head tongues and stuck one in each ear. Apparently those were his puppy ears. Earlier this morning, when I foolishly left the kitchen and went pee, he rammed pieces of cereal up his nose. I came back to the room and found him grinning like an idiot, Girl Terror laughing her head off, and bran soaked in snot oozing out his nose.
Girl Terror never, ever did this kind of stuff before he came along. Now, of course, she does whatever he does, but it wouldn't occur to her to just one day shove raisins in her ears, or slide noodles in each nostril. With the Boy, I am amazed constantly that we haven't had to make a trip to emergency, to have foreign objects removed from his orifices.


Mary P. said...

You know, I've never given this any thought before - but you're right!

My brother: bean (dried) up his nose. Trip to emergency required to evict it. (Same brother later swallowed Javex. He lived to tell the tale, but now he has an ulcer. Are we surprised?)

Ex-husband: raisins up the nose of poor sleeping family dog.

Son: bean (green and soft) up his nose. (Thanks, uncle B, for the genetic input, but my genetic input clearly modified the stupidity factor that bit necessary to avoid trip to emergency.)

Step-son: bead in his ear.

Other step-son: filled all the holes in the bathroom heat vent with wet wadded toilet paper. Wet from the toilet. Which may or may not have been flushed prior to moistening. Eeew.

And only today one of the daycare tots (a BOY) was discovered shoving yellow playdough up his nose.

Me? Never!
My sister? Nu-uh.
My two daughters? Nada.
Three step-daughters? Nope.

You're right. It is a guy thing!

debby said...

ummm made that ER trip. Plastic BLUE ball up Garry's nose when he was 2 1/2... fun and 1/2..

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid I'm going to have to disprove your theory, or at least provide the exception to the rule.

My almost 5 year old boy, although he has been known to stick the odd crayon in his ear, (not when he was one, or two, or three, but TODAY) has never been much for inserting foreign objects into orifices.

However, dining one day at restaurant with friends, I left the table while my little girl (18 mo.) was eating her dessert to take my son to the bathroom, and returned only to discover that my daughter had something on her nose. I wasn't terribly concerned, because I thought she had smeared a chocolate chip from her cookie at the entrance of her nostril. Um. No. She had actually inserted a rather large chunk of olive up her nose. I was able to remove it, but as I did, her brother, (who had been leaning back on his chair repeatedly after being told not to) tipped his chair over backwards.

I mentioned I was dining with friends. Did I mention that it was our statewide church women's group?

Oh! And, another example to throw off the average. My friend's 7 year old daughter was in the emergency room just a month ago to have a bean removed from her ear.

Northern_Girl said...

When I read/hear about boy behaviour...I dunno. But I have to tell you that my youngest daughter managed to shove about 4 feet of wadded up "pre-wrap" (the stuff you wrap around an ankle before taping it to play a sport) up her nose. ER trip and $250 later, I was wishing for a camera and then grateful I didn't have one.

Amazing kids survive childhood, really.