Sunday, May 27, 2007

My baby is broken

So, I didn't have a yard sale. Long story short....I'm lazy and don't have enough crap to make it worthwhile.
Good thing I cancelled it, though, because it was a busy, busy time. On Friday, my little girl broke her ankle. She was running to meet Hubby and I when we picked her up from daycare, and twisted her ankle. So we thought. We took her home, and by 6 pm her little ankle was swollen and she still couldn't put any weight on it. I took her up to out-patients, thinking she had sprained it and perhaps getting it wrapped would help. After spending two hours in a tiny room, we were told it looked suspiciously like a fracture, and to bring her in the next day for x-rays. Hubby took her at 10 the next morning, and they spent HOURS there. They didn't come home until 3:30 in the afternoon. The doctor isn't sure that it is broken, but they thought it would be wise to put a cast on her just in case. So her little tiny leg is wrapped in a cast! It goes from her toes to under her knee. What a brave little thing she is! This morning she says it doesn't hurt, which is good. It was a long night. The itching kept her awake, and just general uncomfortable mutterings from her went on most of the night.
We cannot find crutches small enough for her (She's a tiny almost-five year old) but she has figured out how to crawl around the house this morning. Her favourite outside activity, the sandbox, is off limits, as is her brand-new bike.
The day care lady is going to be.....thrilled.....when she finds out she has to carry Girl Terror outside, and can't go for a walk unless she pulls her in a wagon!!


Dreama said...

oh! so sorry to hear about the fracture! My little nephew broke his leg last May on the trampoline and he was just 4 years old. He learned how to drag himself around, refusing to use the crutches, as it was just too hard to coordinate with a tiny body.

He enjoyed being pulled in the wagon though. Hope she is a fast healer!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I hate it when the innocent are injured. Just hate it.

Prego said...

On the plus side, when that cast finally comes off, she won't recoil in horror at the sight of a hirsute leg.

I hope she gets well soon and wish her a luminous career in theatre.

Anonymous said...

Hi AM--so sorry to hear about her ankle! I have never had to deal with a broken bone with a child (and hope I don't have to), it sounds so uncomfortable.

TLC for all!