Friday, July 04, 2008

Things you never want to hear when you are in the shower.

The Terrors were playing peacefully in the family room. (I know, weird. But they seem to actually like each other these days.) I told them I was going to shower, don't wake up Daddy, etc. As I was scrubbing shampoo in my hair, I heard a phrase that struck fear in the core of my being.
"Mummy! We are making a ocean in the WHOLE HOUSE!"
"WHAT?!" I screamed back, sleeping Daddy be damned.
"A ocean! In the house! All the place!"
"A WHAT?!" frantically swiping soap out of my face....
"You know! A ocean! Where the whales can live, and sharks, and fishes, and boats go, like we saw going to Grandma's house...." and the voice wandered away.
"In the house?! The whole house?!"
"Yup! The ocean needs all the room in the house!"


I flung myself out of the warm shower. Lather, rinse, repeat not happening today. Forget conditioner. Hairy legs are nothing compared to an ocean, in my house.

They were playing with the Aqua Doodle. They had drawn a house with the water pens. And then covered the mat with a picture of the ocean. Then, while I was towelling soap out of my eyes, they had moved on, to read a book together.

My poor heart is never going to survive the entire summer.

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