Thursday, November 06, 2008

Brief update

I finally went and bought a sunlight lamp, in an effort to haul my mood out of the sewage dump. This morning was the first time I used it, so it's a bit soon to tell, but I think it might work! At the very least, my mind was tricked into thinking positive thoughts, and I had energy and happiness all day.
I'm not totally convinced yet, but I'm hoping for good things. Surely one day of light therapy would not make such a difference. Perhaps the stars were just all aligned properly, and no one looked at me weird today. Who knows. I don't care, I'm just thrilled with being less of a bitch for a change. I'll keep you updated.


Murray said...

I swear by mine. There might be a degree of placebo effect involved, but the effect of the light is huge for me - even one day after a spell of dark weather like we had in August was good.

Carole said...

My friend lent me hers for a couple of weeks before I go out and spend the money. I've been using it for about 4 days now, and taking vitamins (including D) every morning now. I'm still feeling dead tired. Maybe it's all that stress of report cards (for my first time) coming up. UGH!

MaryP said...

That's great. I hope it keeps being so effective all winter long.

I used mine every day from mid-October last fall to early April this spring. They say first thing in the morning is best time to use it, and one VERY obvious change for me was that it shifted my my natural wake time a full hour earlier. No alarm. I just woke up, trotted downstairs, made myself a cup of tea and sat myself in front of the light. (At five or so in the morning.) Yes, I was going to bed early, but I ended up very much enjoying those so-quiet morning hours of peaceful solitude, just me, my tea, my light, and my book.

I think it made a difference. I was less lethargic, I slept better and suffered less insomnia, my mood, though not summer-sunny, was not dull bleak grey, either. The year before, everything was so. much. work. Last year, I got through every day with sufficient energy to do all the necessary things, plus a few extras! Not so bad.

I haven't started using it yet this fall because so far we've had so much glorious sun, and I've been making sure I get at least an hour of sunshine every afternoon. This week, however, will be far more standard November drek, so I'll be dusting it off tomorrow.

I hope yours continues to work so well for you!

carole said...

Hey, I have a great invention idea! What if computer manufacturers could rig computer monitors in such a way as to emit natural light (like in sunlamps). There would have to be a switch to choose between regular monitor, and sunlamp. I could sit with my morning, read my regular stuff on the screen, and head off. Hmmm..Dream on. :)