Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Living with a boy.

Just when you think you've given birth to an angel.....

Last week, Boy Terror peeked in to my room. I was still in bed, but awake under the covers. He turned and said to his sister, "There is a big fat thing in the bed. I bet it's Mummy."
This morning when I got up, Boy Terror said to me, "Happy Birthday, Mummy! Now you are older than Daddy!"
The daycare provider called me at work yesterday. No panic, she just thought I should know that my charming son had shoved a lite-brite peg up his nose. She could not reach it to get it out. Neither of my children has ever put anything in their nose before, other than the stray finger. I thought we had maybe missed that particular life lesson. Hubby had to go collect the genius and take him to out-patients to get the offending green (of course!) peg removed. When I asked BT today why, oh WHY did he shove the lite-brite peg up his nose, he said "Because I couldn't smell it when it was outside my nose."


dogsled_stacie said...

HA!!! That is an awesome response. Now, it totally makes sense as to why kids shove things UP their noses!!!

Anonymous said...

"I bet it's mummy"?? Did you nail him with a pillow, then?

You've brought back a rather satisfying memory involving my youngest stepson, a bead, and a hospital emergency department. Yes, satisfying. Because the emergency staff couldn't get that bead out. AND I DID. In about, 15 seconds. (Why did no one ask me first, before going to the hospital? I dunno. Can't remember.)