Monday, December 29, 2008

Not feeling very chipper right now.

Even though classes don't start up again until January 5, I went in to work today. I start to feel twitchy when I'm away for too long, and besides, I have big blank pages in my daybook for the next three weeks. Anyway. Off I went, in the -30 weather, to work in the peace of an empty school.
Imagine my surprise when my entire hallway was full of furniture. MY furniture. My ENTIRE CLASSROOM was out in the hall. Um,, I suppose. Wait! A note! A note on the door, saying "Do no walk in here. Waxing in progress". I didn't actually step into the room, so the custodians need not track me down. I got too distracted by the stuff in the hallway. MY STUFF. My RealCare infants. My file cabinets. My magazine bins, recycling boxes, audio/visual cart, computer, tables, and chairs. All in the hallway. I can handle all that. It's happened before (usually with some sort of, I dunno, warning) and it all works out in the end. But then I saw my desk. Actually, what I saw was the underside of my desk. For some unkown reason, my desk was lying on it's back in the hall. Everything that had been on my desk was now strewn on the floor. And the drawers from my desk were all pulled out, and empty, and sitting beside the desk.
Yes. The drawers where I keep late slips, attendance records, student grades, and all sorts of confidential correspondence.....emptied onto the floor. Oh! And don't forget the pens, pencils, chapstick, and assorted crap that all teachers collect in their desk drawers. All. Over. The. Floor.
The best I can figure is that they couldn't get the desk out through the door without tipping it on it's side, and were not bright enough to remove the drawers first. To say that I am a mite bit pissed off really doesn't begin to cover it.
So. To sum up. I went to work on my Christmas vacation. My work space looks like a robbery gone bad, but with really shiny floors. And since I got absolutely no work done, I get to go back again later this week!
The moral of the story? I dunno. I'm still too ticked. Perhaps...."Don't go to work on Mondays"? or "Do not EVER be rude to your custodians"?


Meandering Michael said...

The moral: Waxing will cause a little bit of short-term pain (and irritation), but will look fabulous when it's all done...???

Don't Bug Me! said...

Oh dear. I have been away for the last 4 months and I am so not looking forward to going back to work. I haven't been in yet, but I do have the excuse that the whole place is all locked up over Christmas and doesn't reopen until the 2nd. Still, that doesn't give me much time to sort out my new courses, does it?

Anonymous said...

Always be kind to your custodial staff...and as I'm learning as I get older, be nicer to yourself. I've resolved to do a number of things in '09, that's going to be one of them.

I can't wait to get back to work--as in finding a job. Oy!!

Happy New Year in the almost outback, Yukon Mom!!