Monday, January 19, 2009

He's not REALLY trying to kill me.

So I'm sitting at the table, mindlessly reading blogs, doing my best to avoid all stress and sudden jolts in blood pressure, when I happen to glance over my left shoulder. Boy Terror was standing there completely silent, staring at me. "ALGHHH! How long have you been standing there?" "A while." "Why are you out of bed?" He thought for a minute. "I just am."
I didnt' hear a thing. From 10 feet away, I totally missed him opening his door, and creeping (rather silently) down the hall to stare at me. Either the strokes made me deaf, or you guys are really, really fascinating writers.

Update: Seriously, I'm not deaf. Or dead. I had another TIA on Thursday, but my CT scan came back perfectly normal. So no bleeding brain or tumors. I'm on blood thinners, and I'm doing my best to avoid all stress, and to stay away from creepy children who sneak up on me in the quiet house.


Fawn said...

Well, thanks for the compliment. Oh wait, you didn't me, did you? ;)

Man, the TIAs sound scary. I'm glad to hear the scan came up normal, though. I hope they've got some idea of why they're happening, or at least that the blood thinners will help prevent further attacks.

Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

Time to set up motion sensors around the house! Or locks on the terrors doors.... :)

WackyMummy said...

I having second thoughts myself as to the purpose of little toddlers. The things they do are completely inexplicable to everyone else and themselves. It's a mystery definitely worth exploring by the finest think-tanks in the world. I'm sure quantum physics and strange radio waves are involved somehow. Cheers! :)

Don't Bug Me! said...

Put a couple of bells on him, then you will hear him coming. Works well with my cats.

wendy said...

LOl the other night at 11:45 pm at night I glanced out the bedroom door while mindlessly watching tv. I credit my spiderman like mommy instincts for even looking. To find my litte darling(5yrs old!) awake!!!! in her room on a school night, cleaning her room!!! What on earth possesed my child to get up and clean at nearly midnight is beyond me. I couldn't even really be mad her room was SPOTLESS and if your wondering how much cleaning could she have done?? It looked like the aftermath of a tornado when she went to be hours earlier!!
Must be something in the air!