Saturday, May 09, 2009

Boy Terror turns five.

I'm running late with this post, sorry!
My baby boy turned 5 two weeks ago. FIVE. I think I have to stop telling people I have a baby boy. He can ride a bike (with training wheels), carry on charming conversations, build castles and roads and all sorts of things, he can remember the words to any song, and he can smile right through to my heart. He is truly adorable.
I don't claim to understand boys, but Boy Terror is slowly teaching me their language. I've learned that diggers can distract him from any backseat arguments with his sister. Hugs, snuggles and kisses are fine so long as I don't point out to him what's happening. Already, at the tender age of five, BT has the male ability to smile, nod, look like he is listening, and then when I pause my lecture, to say "Mummy, did you know what Clayton told me? He said a T-rex could swallow a human WHOLE!" as if that was totally my point.
One day last week, when Boy Terror's daycare was closed, I got to spend the day at home with him. This is pretty rare...I often spend the day with Girl Terror, and quite regularly Hubby and BT spend time alone, but Mummy-Son days are limited. That child talked to me all day. He "helped" me rip the baseboards off all the basement walls. He supervised the carpet removal, and he had plenty of opinions when I was pulling all the underlay out. When I fell, and drove a nail through my finger, he very wisely pointed out that it hurt, and I should be more careful. I forgave him for being a pest, though. At the end of the day, as we surveyed the carpet-less basement, he declared me "Bob the Builder", which is a very high honour.
Last week we went to "practice kindergarten" for an evening. Unlike his sister, he made me swear I would not leave his side. Then he promptly ditched me for the blocks corner. I watched him make his way around the room, checking out his future classmates, his serious little face in it's typical scowl. I cannot believe my baby, my little bundle, is ready to start the school journey. He's my baby! He's my last chance at piggy toes, smooshy cheeks, and that warm body curled into mine. He's a school kid. He's five. I have a son, and he's growing up too fast.


Sara said...

Bob the Builder is indeed a compliment of the highest degree when we are talking about one who is distracted from bugging by a digger (as I am certain, there is very little that is better than bothering his only sibling). Happy Mother's Day.

SSTyrner said...

Your Boy Terror looks bigger every time I see him; I am always amazed. It seems to me he went from 3 years old to 5 years old in the blink of an eye. Where has the time gone?

Anonymous said...

frightening isn't it......bit by bit our babies reach and grow right before our eyes. how exciting and how very sad all at the same time.