Monday, May 18, 2009


Even in the midst of the crazy of our lives, my kids can crack me up. They are so cute! And snuggly! And snotty! That last one isn't really a good thing. It's the reason I should be at the store right now, buying more tissue.
-This morning I said to Boy Terror "Are you cute?!" and he leaped up in the air and shouted "OF COURSE!"
-Girl Terror and I were talking about the process of buying a new house. I didn't want to freak her out (very easy to do with this child) but she didn't "get" why we need to sell first, and then buy. I explained that a house can cost $300,000, which is more than I currently have in my pocket. Sweet child of mine then offered me all the money in her piggy bank. I thanked her, but said it wouldn't be right for me to take her money, and besides, she only has $10. She thought it through, and said "I have some change, too, you know. Maybe that would help."
-We went to the library yesterday. Seeing as how I've packed all our books, and we are a house full of readers, things were getting desperate. Both kids picked some books to check out. Currently, they are snuggled on the couch together, reading about frogs vs. tadpoles. Too cute.
-Uh-oh. The kleenex box is empty. Gotta go.

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