Monday, May 25, 2009

The cat whisperer.

Yesterday we took a lovely drive to Skagway, two hours away, to spend a relaxing afternoon together. Before we left, both Terrors were trying to "help" get us on the road, and they wanted jobs to do. I ran out of jobs a bit to soon for Boy Terror's taste, so I started making stuff up. In desperation, I told him to explain to the kitty where we were going for the day so she wouldn't be lonely.
He flopped down on the floor next to the sunbathing cat, and started. "Meow, meow meow meow. Meow..." He looked up. "Mummy, what's the name of the place we are going again?" "Skagway." "Thanks!" and back to the cat...."Meow-meow, meow meow." He stood up. "I think she understood. She'll be lonely, but that's okay." And off he went to communicate with his more human sister.


WackyMummy said...


SSTyrner said...

Oh my goodness that was great!
Your Boy Terror is adorable.
Did you know previously that he spoke your kitty's language?
Thank you for that story, Average Mom, it made me smile and giggle. I had to share it with our little Upuaut and it made him smile too.

dogsled_stacie said...

Ahahahahahaaaa! That's great! Now I know how I'm going to talk to the dogs... they actually might start to listen!

Fawn said...

This made me smile. :) What a great boy.

Meandering Michael said...
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Meandering Michael said...

Very cool. Do you think he can come and tell my cat to stop yowling at 6:00 am?