Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deep sleepers

As you may have heard, we are selling our house. This means nobody is allowed to walk on the carpet, eat in the kitchen, or do ANYTHING in the bathroom. Real fun, I tell you. So, last night we found out that there will be two viewings today. Yay!! And of course, we immediately noticed the few microscopic dots on the carpets that still needed steam cleaning. I ran to the store to buy more cleaner for the machine, and Hubby vacuumed the house. When I got back, he pointed out that the worst spot (kitty puke stain, bleech) was in the kid's room. Where they were sleeping. We did what any concerned, loving parent would do....we opened the bedroom door, and roared in with the steam cleaner.
I held open the curtains so we could see the floor, and Hubby spot cleaned. Meanwhile, less than two feet away, both Terrors slept. And slept. They did not even roll over. Nothing. The machine roared, the light poured in, and neither one of them even twitched.
All this time, we've been turning down the volume, making parties tone down, vacuuming during day time only, when it turns out those two wouldn't have ever noticed. I'm thinking it's time to bring back the nightlife!!!


WackyMummy said...

I LOVED it when Evan got to that stage. And loved it more when I actually REALIZED it! (Yes, they are sneaky little sneaks, not telling us when they can't hear stuff when they're asleep!) Good for you. Party on!

Fawn said...

But you just *know* that when you're doing something fun, they'll wake up. ;)