Saturday, September 05, 2009

Boy Terror goes to kindergarten

My baby boy started school this week. My baby. I'm finding this really hard to accept. At times, he seems so grown up, but other times? He says things that make me wonder if the world will ever be ready for him.
He's brilliant (in my opinion, anyway!) at math. He can add up to twenty in his head, and can add in multiples of ten. He can count by 2's, 3's, 4's, and 5's. He is an energy conservist like no one I've ever met. Every day, as he wanders through the house, he is on the lookout for lights left burning. After he turns them off, he will come into the room and demand to know "Who here was wasting energy?"
He is still my baby boy, though. He snuggles into my lap. He lets me smooch his totally adorable cheeks, and he tells me he loves public. He believes in the tooth fairy, and ghosts. He is scared of the dark. I'm not at all ready to let him go, but he is more than ready to be off.


Fawn said...

Hey, a picture! Your little guy is very handsome -- looks like he can't wait to be off to school, either! Wow, I'm not sure what's normal for a kindergarten or even Grade 1 student, but I doubt the majority can do all the math Boy Terror can do. I hope his first day (and first year!) are great.

(Also, I love that polka-dotted backpack! Yours?)

Fawn said...

On closer inspection, I see that the back-pack is not polka dots but starts and hearts. I just love the riot of colour! (I love that expression. A riot of colour!)

I'm going to guess it's Girl Terror's backpack and maybe even guess that she posed for a back-to-school photo in this photo shoot. ;)

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Hey Fawn! Thanks, I happen to think he's totally adorable!
I don't think his math skills are "normal". Both kids have the math talent, as well as being early readers. Can you tell I'm a proud Mummy?!
I wish the backpack was mine, but no. It's the one Girl Terror picked out. I think She'd let me borrow it, though.

Anonymous said...

AAWWW I can't believe my future son in law started school! and yes your children are super me this I know!