Friday, September 25, 2009

Girl Poker

Every second Friday, a group of Hubby's friends come over for poker. It's low stakes, $5 buy in. Not a huge scary deal or anything. Well, I decided to try it with girls. I invited a group of women over to play poker last Friday night. In case you were wondering, Girl Poker is a completely different game than Boy Poker.
Some of the ladies had never played poker before, so we played a few hands with cards up. (Right now, "true" poker players are falling over dead as they read that statement).
Boys do not give second chances. Girls, on the other hand said things like this: "Don't fold! No! You can say "check" and that means "free" and I'm going to "check", so you will get to see the next up card! Here, take your cards back. Are those the ones you had?"
Boys talk about boobs. A lot. Girls talk about boobs, too, but in the context of breast feeding. Not at all the same.
Boys haul around chairs for their snacks, they belch, and they fart. Girls did not touch the snacks I so lovingly put out until I placed some into bowls and passed it around. Then, they paused the game to discuss with chocolate bits were the best, and which ones were yucky.
Boys show up with extra buy in cash, in case they turn out to be losers. Girls show up with no money, and then borrow cash from other ladies. But they bring gifts and snacks to share.
At one point, Stacey ran out of chips. So Sara did the unthinkable, and scoped up a handful of her OWN chips, passed them to Stacey, and said "Here! Play with these!"
It seemed perfectly normal to the girls to ask questions like "If I have a queen of hearts, and an ace of hearts, should I try for the flush? Or is the straight better?" during a hand.
At the end of the night, there were $3 left in the pot, unaccounted for. Boys would have sat right back down, re-counted their stacks, and figured it out. Girls? Nope. They were all "It's okay! I have enough! You keep it!" Nobody knows if they won or not. I don't think anybody cares. We did however laugh so hard my face hurt, and I'm pretty sure we will do it again. And maybe this time we will learn to bluff. Ha!


dogsled_stacie said...

Ahahahaha!!! That is SO true!!! Women rock. Sounds like a great time. :)

Anonymous said...

AAWWW I can't beleive I had to miss it...hopefuly next time!