Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Babies everywhere!

Thanks for all the great ideas!! I will have to ask you guys again for topics. Except for Julia, who sent me a nasty link that I was smart enough to not click on. She also needs to work on her grammar if she's going to leave virus/advertising type comments.

Stacie, the babies are always entertaining. Each student takes a Baby home on Thursday, and becomes a parent until Monday. They love it.....right up until Friday. Babies cry at night! Shocking!
Every weekend, I get at least one phone call from a freaking out student. The Baby is crying for no reason. They think maybe they "broke" Baby's neck. There are weird noises. Once every few weeks, a student will call in tears of frustration. By Monday, they look and feel like crap. Suddenly, a condom seems like such a simple, brilliant idea!
Parents crack me up. They come to parent teacher interviews, and say the same thing. "This is a great experience....for
those other kids. My child, she/he is smarter than that. We don't have to worry about things like....sex. But those other kids, they really need this!"
If you see these teens with their white and blue car seats (hopefully with a "Baby" inside) chat with them! Ask them how it feels to be a teen parent! Pester them! Trust me, it's fun! Ummmm, maybe make sure first that they are actually in the class, and not really carrying a live baby. That could get awkward.

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SSTyrner said...

Yes indeed, Babies really do cry at night. It's true! Heh-heh, as a new Mommy of a now 8 month old baby I can attest to that! Just the night before last I was up from 3:30 AM until almost 5 AM with a baby who decided he didn't feel like sleeping just then. I was up with him last night too but it is all a blur.