Sunday, October 11, 2009

Questions from Fawn

Fawn responded to my writer's block with a wonderful list of questions. Woo hoo!!

1. What is the scariest thing you've ever had to do?
Tell a room full of church officials exactly what my father had done to me. In detail.

2. What is the most disgusting thing you've ever had to eat?
Well, I probably didn't have to eat it, but I was being polite, so I ate it. A plate of raw ground burger, soaked in spiced pear juice.

3. What is your favourite winter activity?
Watching snow fall. Drinking hot chocolate. Decorating for Christmas. Oh, you meant outside! I don't often DO outside, but tobagganing would be my favourite.

4. What is your favourite season?
Summer. I love Christmas, but it's surrounded by all that winter!

5. What's been the biggest surprise of motherhood?
How selfish I really am.

6. How do you carve out time for yourself?
I get up insanely early so I have time alone first thing in the morning. And my kids go to bed pretty early, so I have a bit of time in the evening.

7. Did you make the wedding cake for a friend, or have you started a business (or are you thinking about it)?
I made the cake for a friend of a friend, for a special introductory price. I am toying with the idea of starting a side business, but so far I do it for fun. Fun that I get paid for, mind you!!

8. What are your kids up to when you suddenly realize the house has been quiet for far too long?
You know what? It's scary, but if they are quiet for a long time, I know they are reading somewhere.

9. What's your favourite song and what memories does it evoke?
Pachebel's Canon in D. It makes me think of my wedding.

10. Who's going to win at the end of this hockey season? (Ha! You could tell me anything and I'd believe you!)
The guys in the white? Red? Blue? Ummmm......I'll have to get back to you on that one!


Sara said...

Love this Tamara! You are a courageous woman. I love that your kids read (and entertain me!). Anything that is fun is worth doing...and getting paid for it? Gold.

Fawn said...

Wow, that's a lot of honesty right there. I take my hat off to you, while simultaneously reaching for your hand and giving it a squeeze.

And a follow-up... RAW GROUND BURGER SOAKED IN SPICED PEAR JUICE??? How could this happen???! I doubt many people could top that. And thank God you didn't get botulism. (Right???!)

MaryP said...

Yup, that's some disgusting meal right there. Bleah.

I get up insanely early, too! What's insane for you? For me it's 5:00/5:30. Just me and my SAD light and the peeeeeeeace and quiet.

Today, however, I got up at 2:00. That's just insane.

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

I was in South Korea. The burger/pear juice was a special treat from my students, saying good bye. Thankfully, I did not get sick!
Mary: Insanely early for me is 5:30-5:45. And like you, I am sitting in front of my SAD lamp, enjoying the silence and a cup of warmth.