Tuesday, October 27, 2009



Why does my cat love q-tips so much? It's not like she's cleaning her ears with them.
Why does my electric toothbrush make me have to go pee?
Why do children ask "Whatcha doin', Mummy?" when I am clearly doing something easy to identify, like dishes, reading, laundry...
Why does Boy Terror insist on wearing long sleeves and pants all summer, and then break out the shorts and tees for October?
If I buy all of us new slippers, why does Girl Terror only want to wear mine?
Why did I shake hands with all those people at parent-teacher interviews? I knew it would make me sick!
Why do I wake up at 5:00 every morning? Just so I can watch the numbers go by?
Why does my son refuse to shut the door while he's in the bathroom?
Why don't I ever get good songs stuck in my head, instead of stuff like "Bye, Bye Miss American Pie" and "Come On Eileen"? I mean, they are good songs, but not after 6 days through the chorus.

I've got more questions, but for now, this will do. Why don't you leave a comment, telling me your burning "why".


Anonymous said...

Why do Mondays have to be so crappy? Why does the start of my day and week have to be at 5:00 in the morning? Why does the "volume up" dial always seem to get in the way of my attempt to hit "snooze" on my alarm clock? Why was my carpet given artificial intelligence to undulate in front of my path so that I'd trip over its folds every single time? Why is my glorious porcelain throne so exceptionally cold on Monday mornings? Why aren't caffeine IV-drips standard car features? Why can't I enter my office cubicle and just sit on my chair without having to first excavate it from a mountain of paperwork that definitely did not exist the night before? Why...?

Thanks for that - this post seemed to have released a now obvious flood in me :)

Fawn said...

Because, I'm not supposed to be reading blog posts; I'm supposed to be paying attention to my kids. Although they're perfectly happy at the moment, so FAIR GAME!

My most-burning question these days isn't a why, though. It's a when. As in, "WHEN will I finally be able to sleep again????!!!"

koreen (aka: winn) said...

I'm not supposed to talk about my burning why's, the doctor said. Oops. I said too much.

Anonymous said...

why do I live where it snows?

why does my 21/2 year old like to build towers out of furniture and then try to climb and leap off them?

why is my hubby sometimes clueless?

why do I find jack from jack in the box restaurants creepy?

why is it that I am so tired but can't sleep


Meandering Michael said...

Why does the simple act of counting stop those songs from repeating in your head over and over and over and over?