Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't say that, say this!

Things to NOT teach your child to say.  Totally taken from The Bloggess who is amazing and funny and all that good stuff.

1.  It's not my fauuuult....(must be whined).
As a teacher, this drives me mental.  I end up with 14 year olds, whining about the unfairness of life.  It's not their fault they have no pencil.  Blame their mother for not reminding them to wake up on time.  The printer is broken, again, and they forgot how to email assignments.  It's not their fault they didn't study, I forgot to remind them.

2.  It's not fair.
Also best if whined.  No, small people, life is NOT fair.  Go figure.  I realize that a lot of parents weigh, measure, and tweak all gifts until they are sure each child is getting the exact same amount.  This leads to children who are always looking around, making sure nobody got a single candy more than them.  Best Friend got an 83%, and you only got 82.5%.  Other classes are outside working, and I'm making you sit inside and take notes.  Sometimes, things happen that aren't fair.  Deal with it. 

3.  But I neeeeeed it.
Nope.  You don't.  Unless we are talking about water, food, clothing and shelter, you don't need it.  Oh, and hugs.  You do need hugs.  But a sparkly purple Hannah Montana pair of shoelaces, selling for $15?  You don't NEED those.

4.  I'm bored.
Remember when we were kids, and if we even looked bored, we got handed the lawn mower?  Yeah.  If your child has enough crap to open a Toys R Us in his room, and he still says he's bored, perhaps it's time to teach him to be self motivated.  To LOOK at the world around him.  To stop depending on everyone to entertain him.

You know what?  This is depressing.  Let's talk about things you SHOULD teach your child to say.

1.  Thank you.
That's it.  A simple thanks.  Maybe even with a smile!

2.  Please.
It's amazing how many kids get to high school without learning this word.  And when I insist on hearing it before requests, they roll their eyes at me.

3.  My parents won't let me.
This is a tricky one.  Yes, I think kids should take responsibility for their own actions, but sometimes they just need to be able to cast the blame on someone else.  It's okay if her friends don't like're the parent.  And your child is glad that you have made some choices for her.

4.  I disagree.
Said politely, this goes a long way.  It's far better than the alternatives:  "That's so gay" or "You're stupid" or any other number of comments.  Let your child know it's okay to disagree, if you can do it respectfully.

That's all my rambling for today.  Leave a comment, telling me what things YOU think kids should or should not learn to say!


koreen (aka: winn) said...

I really like the last one. That totally bears thinking about and repeating. Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

Drives me round the bend when I hear "But EVERYONE else has one!"

But what I would like to teach kids to say more is No thank you and if need be NO!. When I was growing up it was polite and the right thing to do to say yes when someone (especially an adult) asked you to do or try something you really did not want to. As an adult I find myself finally being able to say NO guilt free after years of practice, whether it be for the pta, a bake sale or listening to some moron try to sell me a vaccum...No thank you I am not interested, no thank you fish does not sit well with me, no thanks I am to busy to listen to your campaign promises. So beleive it or not No is an important word to teach our children (although if my 2 year old says it one more


Angie Jones said...

Well from experience, with my 4 year old daughter, I have learnt that me saying don't worry to her, has resulted in her using it back, to me and her father, so now it's don't worry mom, if I hadn't have never said that she would not be using it against me.

juli233 said...

hear hear! I agree!

btw in our house the kids have learned my rule that FAIR does NOT mean EQUAL!

Fawn said...

One of my pet peeves is "I can't do it!" Particularly my darling child hasn't even tried. Happily this is happening less often. I am getting, "Please help me" a lot more often now. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't say 'whatever' with your hand up like a wall!!! 'Whatever' doesn't cut it - you will be running the world one day - can't keep denying the obvious !! Pick a side, form an opinion .........whatever!!