Tuesday, September 18, 2012

When the internet is not a good thing.

Earlier this week I read something on another blog that truly disturbed me.  A woman wrote on her facebook wall "I caught my kid walking home with the gay kid from across the street.  My hand and his butt are going to be sore for the rest of the night."


I don't even have a way to explain all the different aspects of this post that upset me.  But what bothered me even more was the reaction from the rest of the "internet world".  People have created a fake facebook account with her name and the title "Proud Homophobe and Child Abuser".  Her personal home address has been published.  Her work information has been broadcast.  Hate groups, harassment letters, and threats to take her to child services popped up within hours. People are calling her horrific names.  Things are being said about her, her family, and her friends, all under the guise of teaching her a lesson in acceptance.

I'm no longer worried about this woman or her son, or even the kid from across the street.  I'm concerned about the rest of society.  I'm scared of the people who think it's okay to respond to another person's statement, however disturbing it might be, with open hostility, hatred, and viciousness.

That child has more things to worry about than his mom's attitude and punishment.  He should be worried about the rest of the world, waiting in his front yard, judging and punishing without pause.


SSTyrner said...

This is why I prefer avatars over "real" humans. People are pretty disturbed, in general. I sure like your post though. I like you in real life, too. :) There is some hope for humanity, I just can't be sure as to where...

SSTyrner said...

Turns out, society is even worse than you thought. The person is Holly Biffle (or not...) and her StalkBook post was faked. She did not post such a thing, but, the other reactions against her were all real. Facebook has removed the page with the most death threats against this woman. Tolerance for all but those we hate, pretty much sums up the Interwebby-Stalkbook thinger.

Mrs. Falkenberg said...

Wow! Thanks, SST, for telling me! That poor woman. What kind of hatred makes a person think to DO that kind of thing???